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Anders Angur

Anders Angur photo Anders Angur
  • Emeritus Instructor

Anders Angur Bio:

"I began my martial arts training in 1987, at the age of 13, in Stockholm, Sweden. After 7 years of training, in 1993 I received my first black belt promotion, and also became a licenced coach under the Swedish Jiujitsu Federation. In 1999 I took over the head coach position at Stockholm Jiujitsu club, eventually expanding the training to also include Judo training in addition to the regular Jiujitsu classes. I held the head coach position at the Stockholm Jiujitsu club for 10 years, teaching about 100 students every week. A big turning point in my Martial Arts Career was when I in 2002 started training with the French Judo instructor Philippe Jacomin, 6th Dan, a former student of the legendary Haku Michigami, 9th Dan. Philippe displayed a technically refined judo that I try to follow in my own teaching."